Alweld Aluminum Fishing Boats

Alweld Boats was founded in 1979 by Joe and Farrell Beck. They started out with an idea to build the toughest aluminum boat on the market with one phrase in mind “Better than it needs to be”.

The original boat plant was in Bryan, Arkansas, but in the early 2000’s moved to Lonsdale, Arkansas. With an upgraded manufacturing facility, Alweld’s guiding principle of never allowing the compromise of quality for quantity, still remains. Each boat is individually programmed and laid out to ensure every component fits just right.

Alweld boats are designed and cut using the latest CAD software to ensure a high degree of accuracy, consistency and repeatability.

Alweld has the widest variety of standard boat configurations available. Standard boat configurations allow the customer to choose a boat that closely matches their needs while still keeping the cost to a minimum.

Each boat has numerous available options that allow the customer a good bit of customization even on standard models.